Attorney-at-Law & Mediator Certified by Department of Justice

İrfan Gülşen is an internationally recognized attorney-at-law and certified mediator. As a licensed attorney, he delivers ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services in Bodrum. He is an Attorney Mediator with extensive mediation training. He provides an alternative to the high cost and stress of going to court. He has been an Attorney since 1987 and a Certified Mediator since 2014.

Even if you know nothing about mediation or how it works, Mr. Gülşen is happy to help you learn about what mediation is and how it could help you.

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Attorney İrfan Gülşen specializes in the advisement of homeowners associations that are self-managed, as well as individual homeowners with every aspect of condominium and flat ownership law. He represents not only established homeowners associations, but also advises the formation of associations for new communities.

Homeowners Associations and Property Management Expertise include:
Formation of homeowners associations and management plans
Interpretation, amendment, and enforcement of governing documents
Counseling regarding compliance with and the application of Turkish Flat Ownership Law that impacts the operation of homeowners associations
Developer / Turnover Issues (The turnover process from developer to owner control)
Overall Homeowners Association Representation
Elections / Annual Meeting Assistance
Attending homeowners association meetings
Collection of delinquent assessments
General Flat Ownership Law related litigation

At Gulsen Law Firm, our collections practice is a lot more than demand letters – it is a relentless pursuit of justice for our home owners association clients. We understand that assessments are the life blood of an association and that generally, revenues generated from assessments are the only source of income an association has. Gulsen Law Firm strives to aggressively pursue the collection of delinquent assessments as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Enforcement of Association Rules
Quiet, well maintained, uniform communities appear newer and more desirable to buyers, which in turn, maintains property values. The timely, uniform, and consistent enforcement of association rules and regulations are an essential function of any homeowners association. In all communities, there are a select few homeowners or tenants who fail to abide by the association’s rules. In order to preserve property values and to maintain the integrity of community documents, violations must be corrected in a prompt and consistent manner. Gulsen Law Firm can counsel your board on all of the enforcement tools available under your homeowners association documents and Turkish Flat Ownership Law. It is important to follow proper procedure in covenant enforcement and it is highly advisable to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before taking any action against a homeowner or tenant.

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